Instagram v3 update

V3 Changes

A major Instagram update was made available. The biggest difference? Adding your photos to Google maps.


Instragram v3 update

Upload to Google Photo Map

All you have to do is agree to let Instagram upload to the photo map. You can choose which photos to upload straight away or select to add or remove existing ones later on.
Instragram Photo Map

Photo Locations

The placement of the photos are pretty close to the locations I’d uploaded them. Unfortunately for me, more than a few weren’t uploaded to IG until much later.

Photo Map showing geo tagged pictures

Redesigned Profile Screen

There was also some cosmetic changes as we can see from the screencap below.
Photo Map button

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Downloading Chrome on iPhone

Anyone else game to try? I’m just downloading now and if all goes well, will give a review. What will I be looking for? I’d love a bookmark sync feature. Or maybe syncing my browse history and tabs on Chrome desktop.


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Instagram loading issues

For those who hadn’t heard (or hadn’t noticed), Instagram was offline for a good majority of the day yesterday. Yes, I was suffering withdrawal symptoms… I didn’t get the chance to upload all the cloudporn so I’ll be making up for it over the next few days so stay tuned! Here’s one I uploaded of swirly clouds earlier.

Swirly clouds

If you’re wondering what the issue was, IG posted something on their help page. Apparently, storms knocked out Amazon’s cloud servers which disabled web services including instagram, pinterest and netflix. Kinda defeats the purpose of cloud hosting when something like this can happen.

Luckily, I still had Flickr and Tumblr to keep me company yesterday.

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Instagram version update

Instagram iPhone app update yesterday. From what i can tell, there were two obvious changes.

1. Faster and leaner. Version 2.5 appears to respond better when switching screens and refreshes images more efficiently.

2. Popular page and the search feature are now rolled into one screen. Good approach since I hardly ever looked at the popular page but used the tag search fairly often.


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Getting Instagram for PC

The first time I signed up for Instagram, I remember wondering how come their website didn’t allow me to view any pictures online using either my PC or Mac. The app is great and all, but before hash tags were made available, we really didn’t have a good way to “explore” the community. After having used a few other photo sharing apps before it, I figured it was simply Instagram’s strategy to stay in the mobile photography niche and not go against sites like Flickr who already had a great interface on a normal web browser.

If you’re still set on seeing your Instagram photos on a normal web browser, there are websites such as Webstagram and Statigram that act as a web viewer on your laptop or desktop computer. Here’s what I like about both.

Statigram Web Viewer

Statigram homepageMy favourite web interface for Instagram pictures, on PC or Mac.
Statistics for your Instagram account | Statigram Statigram web viewer screenshot
Statigram is first and foremost, a statistics tool for Instagram. Providing you with lots of interesting data for your instagram account. They also provide users with a very convenient web interface to Instagram. Showing you photos in thumbnail or list views.

Try out Statigram for yourself. All you need to do is enter your Instagram username & password. Soon you’ll have the convenience of accessing and browsing your photos from your laptop instead of just your iphone or android phone.

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Having multiple photos in a frame on Instagram

I’ve tried a variety of apps that allow you to put multiple photos in one frame (or multiple frames in one photo depending how you see it). My favourite would have to be the PicFrame app by ActiveDevelopment. Apart from offering you a number of frame variations, they also provide 3 dozen border patterns and lets you share to other social platforms other than Instagram. Here’s a quick review of PicFrame along with some screencaps I took on my iPhone.

Step 1: Select your frame

Below is a screencap of PicFrame’s wide selection of frame options.

PicFrame options

Step 2: Adjust your photos

Here is an example of a splitscreen photo with two frames, one above the other.

A splitscreen with two frames

Step 3: Select a border style

Although I tend to use only the white, thin border, it’s still nice to play around with the 3 dozen other frame border options available to you.

PicFrame border styles

Step 4: Share your photo

Lastly, you can share your multi-frame photos to Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other photo sharing apps you might have installed on your iphone.

Sharing Picframe photos

Make sure to select an appropriate resolution for your image since I’ve noticed a massive difference when you leave it on the default res. It takes a tad longer to save and upload but looks heaps better for it.

The multi-frame photo / multi-photo frame end product on Instagram

I shared and filtered the photo on Instagram since I’m most obsessed with it at the moment. I’ve used the Sierra filter which adds a little bit of character and a touch of coolness to the image and you can also see how the white border gets filtered in Instagram. For this reason I tend to hide the filter’s border option (in this case, Sierra’s white Polaroid border) when I have multi-frame or splitscreen photos.

Final image on Instagram, shared on Flickr
Life is but a journey, originally uploaded by holimac.

If you’re interested in other ideas for how to use multiframe photos, I found Instagram had actually added a page on their blog about tips on combining photos. Who knows, I might get to try them all out one day.

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What’s your mojo?

The other day, I woke up early to go for a run. In fact, it was even colder than usual.
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Instagram obsession

It’s well past 2 in the morning on a Monday and I can’t get to sleep due to an irritating cough that won’t go away. I’ve just taken a spoonful of honey, my favourite home remedy for this kinda thing. Unfortunately my brain seems to have just missed its last sleep cycle and I have to find a way to get it back to a nice, fuzzy consistency.

Here’s another great excuse to pick up my trusty iPhone to look at what pictures people are posting on the other side of the world. What a great idea.. well, maybe not so great when i should really be trying to get to sleep. Before i knew it, there goes another 20 minutes of liking, following and drooling over more and more pictures, which at this time of the morning, is very unhealthy.

That’s when I decided to write this post. ‘Cause y’know, it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything and it’ll help me get off instagram and get my brain back to a nice mushy state so that sleep can take me away.

Oh, if you’re into beautiful drawings, great scenery and the earlybird filter. Then go checkout @tombagshaw


Bon nuit
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Knowledge & wisdom

Knowledge is the quest to know truth and wisdom, it’s application.
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Delicious for Firefox 4

Before there was +1, tagging, sharing, liking and tweets (ok, maybe not tweets) there was bookmarking. Bookmarking is the ultimate way to share personalised content. So finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for since upgrading to Firefox 4.

Beta version out now:

C’mon AVOS, get this baby out so we can continue saving sites no one knows about :)

Posted: May 13th, 2011
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